April 2018

The teachers of the department of pharmaceutical marketing and management and the students of the 4th year of the specialty “Marketing” took part in painting the walls in the children’s department of the medical center “Okhmatdit” in the city of Kharkiv (Institute of health care for children and adolescents of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine).

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April 14, 2018

Teachers of Pharmaceutical Marketing and Management Department of NUPh and 4th year specialty “Pharmacy” took part in the “Fair specialties”.



 April 10, 2018

At the Department of PhMM organized and conducted (with participation of head of the department, professor Malyi V.V., practical psychologist Plyaka L.V., head of the department of practice Barkovskaya O.Ya., associate professor Dorokhova L.P., associate professor Rogulya O. Yu.) for the 4th year students of the specialty “Pharmacy” 1, 2 and 11 groups of trainings “Conflicts and ways to solve them”.

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February-April 2018

Teachers of the Pharmaceutical Marketing and Management Department of the NUPh conducted professional orientation work among the pupils of grades 6-11 of the Dergachiv NSC, Dergachivka Gymnasium №3, Gymnasium №43, School №162, School № 74, Lyceum №27 of Kharkiv, Chuguevsky NEC ” School I- III century gymnasium №5»; Chuguevka secondary school №7; Chuguevskaya “secondary school I-III №2»; Chuguevskaya “secondary school I-III №1»; Chuguevsky UVK №6 named after thrice Hero of the Soviet Union I.М. Kozheduba. Materials were distributed: Molodist Pharmacy, Mendeleev’s Tables, marketing postcards.

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VI international scientific-practical distance conference “MANAGEMENT AND MARKETING IN THE COMPOSITION OF MODERN ECONOMY, SCIENCE, EDUCATION, PRACTICE” took place at the department of PhMM.

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Associate Professor of the Department of PhMM Rogulya O.Yu. and 4th year students of the specialty “Marketing” visited the LLC “FC” Zdorovya”. In the framework of the event, a practical lesson was held on the discipline “International Marketing” on the topic “Features of marketing activities of LLC” FC “Zdorovya” in Ukraine and abroad”.

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On the Department of PhMM held 1 round of olympiadfrom the specialty “Marketing”, which was attended by 8 applicants of higher education specialty “Marketing” (4 course for bachelors and 1 year ‒masters).

Winners of the 1st round:

І place – Drobot Darya Igorevna

ІІ place – Vechichanina Ksenia Alexandrovna

III – Makarchuk Lyudmila Volodymyrivna.

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Department of PhMM was organized and conducted (with the participation of the head of the department, professor Malyi V.V., professor Yevtushenko O.M., associate professor Dorokhova L.P., Senior Lecturer Shuvanova O.V.) for 4 year students Specialty “Marketing” practical training on employment and career development on the basis of pharmaceutical company “Ametrin” (group of companies “Pharmacy 95″).

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On the Department of PhMM held a defense of the master’s degree students of the field of knowledge “Management and Administration” of the specialty 075 “Marketing” of the faculty of industrial pharmacy, management and administration of daytime study. All students at a high professional level defended their master’s thesis.

The examination commission noted the best works and set 100 points Skrypnyk B.V., Babich M.I., Subbota Yu.M.

Dean of the Faculty of Industrial Pharmacy, Management and Administration Zdorik A.A. and head of the department PhMM prof. Malyi V.V. congratulated the masters with successful defense and wished success in their further professional activities!

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Teachers of the Department of PhMM took part in a scientific seminar on “Kinetex Core-Shell Technology for Pharmaceutical QC Methods and Ph. Eur. Monograph Methods».

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