October 09, 2017 Surgeon-oncologist of the Regional Center for Oncology Bukhteev Dmitry Sergeyevich has conductered a lecture on the prevention of breast cancer within the framework of the Kharkiv social project “Onko Dozor. Examining the breast glands» for the 5th year students of the specialty«Pharmacy» and for the teachers of the Department of PhMM.

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Associate professor Bondarieva I.V. and the students of the first year of the specialty “Marketing” visited the exhibition “Legacy of Ancestors: Trypillya Civilization”, where the artifacts of the ancient culture of the farmers were presented, which was distributed on the lands from the Upper Dniester in the West to the Middle Dnepr in the East. For more than two thousand years the Trypilly civilization existed on Ukrainian soil. This culture is an integral part of a wide range of highly developed agricultural cultures of the Neolithic and Copper Age, which are united into the “civilization of the Old Europe.” When looking for the roots of the peoples who lived on the lands of Ukraine, one way or another turn to the time of Trypillya civilization. Trypillya is the first bread, the first metal, the beginning of an agricultural world outlook on the land, which is now called Ukraine. The creators of Trypillian civilization along with other peoples stood at the origins of European civilization, made a significant contribution to the formation of modern Ukrainian culture.

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Колектив кафедри ФММ щиро вітає Вас з Ювілеєм!

Бажаємо Вам:

Щоб спокій і мир панували в родині,

Щоб щастя всміхалось при кожній годині

Нехай обминають Вас болі й тривоги,

Хай стелиться довга життєва дорога,

Хай легко працюється, гарно живеться,

Все вміється, множиться і удається!

Здоров’я міцного, щастя без краю,

Усього найкращого ми Вам бажаєм!

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September, 2018

Teachers of Pharmaceutical Marketing and Management Department of NUPh conducted vocational work among students in 6-11 forms of gymnasium №43, №6, №23, schools №10, №162. Distributed materials: newspaper “Youth of Pharmacy”, the periodic tables, leaflets of Marketing.

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The staff of the department of the PhMM congratulates the assoc. professor Bondarieva Iryna Vasylivna on successful completion of the FCE (First Certificate in English) exam and obtaining the relevant certificate in Premier Palace Hotel Kharkiv. We wish creative inspiration and fulfillment of all dreams!

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September 15, 2018

Since 2014, the Department of Pharmaceutical Marketing and Management has become one of the first participants in the “Scientific Picnics”, to which other departments of the University have joined. On September 15, 2018, the staff of the Department of Pharmaceutical Marketing and Management (Head of the Department, Prof. Malyi V.V. and associate professor Malinina N.G.) once again took part in the VIII “Scientific Picnics». “Scientific Picnics” represent open-air science for a wide range of viewers, as children of preschool age, schoolchildren and their parents. The audience of the audience is at least 20 thousand visitors every year. The department presents an interactive program that involves the active involvement of viewers. The master class “Merchandising: commodity in person” has been conducted: getting acquainted with visual examples using packaging of medicines with the principles of merchandising that are used in the pharmacy and the master class “How colors influence the purchase of goods?”

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September 15, 2018

Dear colleagues! We congratulate you on the Day of Pharmacist! We wish you good health, inexhaustible strength and perseverance, inspiration! Let every day of your life fill your happiness and love, and work brings pleasure and joy. New ideas and victories, loyal friends, prosperity, luck and welfare to you and your families!

 Sincerely, prof. Malyi Volodymyr Valentinovich and the staff of the Department of Pharmaceutical Marketing and Management


September 14, 2018

Visiting students 1 and 6 courses in the specialty “Marketing” and assoc. prof. Bondarieva I.V. and assoc. prof. Rogulya O.Yu. practical psychologist Plyaka L.V. The training on the topic “Know yourself” was conducted.


On September 13, 2018, the celebrations on the occasion of the Day of the Pharmaceutical Worker of Ukraine took place in the small hall of the theater and concert center!The staff of the department of the PhMM sincerely congratulates the associate professor Tymanyuk Irina Volodymirivna on receiving the CONFIDENCE OF THE CHAIRMAN OF THE KHARKIV REGIONAL STATE ADMINISTRATION! We wish creative inspiration and fulfillment of all dreams!

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September 7, 2016

Visiting the museum of Pharmacy of NUPh associate professors of PhMM I.V. Bondarieva and Timanyuk I.V. and 1 year students of specialty “Marketing”.

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