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In Ukraine, a new leader appeared in the charts of the most popular specialties. In place of the recent number one – “Jurisprudence” and “Economy” – came the more important “Marketing”
In Ukraine, the vacancy rate, which marketers (marketing specialists) may occupy in pharmaceutical organizations – more than 60%.
According to recruiters, marketer – is one of the most promising and popular professions in the labor market. Any organization, even without marketing department, conducts marketing activities – develops products or services, establishes their prices, creates a system of distribution and promotion, advertises. Professional marketers are needed to make this work more effective.


Marketer – is someone who regularly investigates and studies the market, analyzes the demand for goods, performs assortment planning, determine the scope of products and its prices, keeps track of the competitive environment, develops strategies to promote the product, develops business plans and offers the most favorable options for money investments. Success of the battle for the consumer largely depends on marketer. Therefore, specialists who know the market and able to exploit its laws for the benefit of business, are waited for in any sector of economy.

MARKETER –the NUPh graduates receive knowledge according to state educational standards in “Marketing” specialty and in pharmaceutical industry.
Marketers can be divided into two categories – analysts and creatives. Analysts’ objective is to get the most complete picture of the proposed product, identify market segment and category of consumers (gender, age, income, social status), where the product will be in demand. With this purpose, they monitor the market, conduct all kinds of surveys and focus groups.
The purpose of creatives – is to develop a strategy to promote the product based on data received from the analysts. How and where it is better to sell the product, what message must the advertising contain, what data storage device it is better to use – this and much more is what the marketer must think about. Note that in small companies marketing specialist often combines both functions, being responsible both for analytics and strategy development.

In accordance with the current National Classification of Ukraine 2010 professionals with degree in marketing can take a number of positions:

Classification of professions DK 003:2010 (excerpt)
1452 – Wholesale trade and brokerage managers (administrators)
1453 – Retail household goods and non-food goods trade and maintenance managers (administrators)
1453.1 – Retail household goods trade managers (administrators)
1453.2 – Retail non-food goods trade managers (administrators)
1454 – Retail food products trade managers (administrators)
1475 – Marketing manager (administrator)
1475.3 – Market research and public opinion research managers (administrators)
1475.4 – Administrative manager (administrator)
1475.4 – Logistics manager (administrator)
1475.4 – Supply manager (administrator)
1475.4 – Sales manager (administrator)
1475.4 – Public Relations manager (administrator)
1475.4 – Foreign economic activity manager (administrator)
1475.4 – Business and administration manager (administrator)
1476 – Managers (administrators) of architecture and construction, maintenance monitoring, analysis and advertising
1476.1 – Advertising manager (administrator)
1477 – HP managers
1483 – Social sphere managers (administrators)
1229 – Managers of the other major subdivisions
1229.7 – General Manager (administrator)
2419 – Professionals in the civil service, marketing, business efficiency, rationalization of production and intellectual property
2419.2 – Marketing development manager (marketer)
3415 – Technical and sales representatives

EXAMPLES OF POSITION that are already taken by the marketers – NUPh graduates:
– Regional Manager of representation office of foreign pharmaceutical firms;
– Pharmaceutical (sales) representatives of domestic and foreign firms;
– Head of Bank Insurance Department;
– Marketing development specialists (marketers) in different sectors;
– Sales and purchases managers in various industries;
– Merchandisers in shopping centers;
– Lecturer of the Department of Management and Marketing in Pharmacy NUPh, Candidate of Science.

There is also a number of “POPULAR POSITIONS” (positions most frequently found in foreign companies):


– Brand Manager (Product Manager) –develops and promotes a new product, monitors its competitiveness and analyzes the consumer response to various marketing behaviour.
– Logistics Manager – responsible for physical distribution and movement of goods in warehouses.
– Administrative Analyst in the department of product distribution – analyzes the cost of delivery of goods from the warehouse to customers.
– Customer Service Manager – responsible for the relationship between customers and sales staff, coordinating the work of sales and marketing department.
– Merchandiser – is responsible for the delivery of goods to customers on time. Monitors the correct calculations, promotion and sale of specific products in retail outlets.
– Purchasing Manager (Supply) – organizes and conducts procurement, looks for potential suppliers, holds commercial negotiations with suppliers.
– Marketing Development Manager (Sales) – provides overall management and planning, development of methods to find customers by sales techniques, controls the sales process at every stage.
– Quality Manager – analyzes the performance of the enterprise, depending on the profile and direction of its activity, searches for “weak” points in the recruitment, production performance, and advertising campaign.


– Sales representative of direct sales – sells goods directly to consumers.
– Sales representative on work with commercial agents – provides the sale of goods to wholesalers and retailers.


– Project Manager – coordinates the implementation of marketing research for the client.
– Account Manager – maintains contacts with the client – customer of the marketing research and research firm.
– Marketing Research Manager – coordinates marketing research conducted by the marketing department of the company.
– Marketing Analyst – responsible for the collection, interpretation and analysis of data obtained during the field and desk marketing research of the company.


– Merchandiser or Bayer (mostly in foreign companies) – is responsible for selection and purchase of new parties or collections of goods, studies the trends of consumer preferences and evaluates the experience of previous sales of these products.
– Store administrator – is responsible for customer service and work of sales staff.


– Marketing Manager – develops marketing programs, PR and fundraising for non-profit institutions.
– Advertising
– Account manager – maintains contacts with certain clients, coordinates the entire program of creative work for these clients. In online advertising agencies, account manager is responsible for development and implementation of marketing strategies and advertising campaigns for the client.
– Media-buyer – works with sales representatives of various media, analyzes and plans to purchase advertising time and space in the media.
– Sales promotion manager – plans promotion actions for consumer goods and works either in the company, advertising agency or in promotional agency.
– Public Relations manager – establishes contacts with media, exhibition organizations and is responsible for any information about the company and product, published in the media.
– Advertising manager – develops advertising messages for sales personnel or intermediaries (often performs the functions of Public Relations manager).
Marketers are in most demand in the sphere of trade. Where there is a market, competition, choice – there must be a marketer.


General style of learning depends on the chosen HEI. Nevertheless, there are several fundamental disciplines that future marketers always study. To such disciplines belong: “Marketing Research”, “Consumer Behavioral Research” “Integrated Marketing Communications”, “Brand Management”, etc.

NUPh gives you the opportunity to obtain not only the classical economic education in marketing, but study more deeply the pharmaceutical industry due to the introduction of specialized training in the structure of pharmaceutical sciences:

• pharmacology ;
• pharmaceutical merchandising;
• engineering and technology of pharmaceutical industry;
• pharmacoeconomics;
• pharmaceutical marketing;
• pharmaceutical logistics;
• standardization and certification of pharmaceutical products;
• organization of pharmaceutical provision.

Thus, marketing specialist trained in the NUPh becomes even more in-demand on the labor market.

Most of the students in “Marketing” specialty find interesting and well-paid job before graduation.

And good professional training will surely help future businessmen start successful, competitive business.

This is explained by the fact that in the course of his/her work, marketer also deals with other areas of business: finance, budgeting, accounting, and in some cases, even with information technologies. Eventually marketing specialist (marketer) becomes a versatile specialist who feels very well how the company lives.

Branch of knowledge – 0305 – Economics and Entrepreneurship
Training direction – 6.030507 “Marketing”
Bachelor of marketing

Humanitarian disciplines – list of subjects is the same for all HEIs and corresponds to educational standards:
Ukrainian language (for professional purposes)
History of Ukraine
History of Ukrainian Culture
Foreign language
Political science
Life safety
Physical education

Natural science and general economic disciplines
Political economics
History of economics and economic thought
Mathematics for economists:
• Higher mathematics
• Probability theory and mathematical statistics
Economic-mathematical methods and models:
• Optimization methods and models
• Econometrics

Professional disciplines
Economics of enterprise
Regional economy
Money and credit
Labor economics and labor relations
International economics
Social economy
Managerial accounting in intermediary organizations
Corporate finance
Economic analysis
Commodity market infrastructure
Marketing commodity policy
Industrial marketing
Marketing pricing policy
Marketing researches
Marketing communications policy
Public Relations (PR)
Marketing services
Information technology in marketing
International marketing
Commodity science

Sectoral disciplines
Fundamentals of biomedical and pharmacological knowledge (physiology in pharmacy, pathological physiology, pharmacology)
Processes and technology of the industry
Organization of pharmaceutical provision for population
Pharmacoeconomic basis of formulary system

Branch of knowledge – 0305 – Economics and Entrepreneurship
Specialty – 7.03050701 “Marketing”
Specialist of marketing

Professional disciplines
Strategic Marketing
Advertising management
Commercial activities of intermediary companies
Innovative commodity policy
Marketing distribution policy
Standardization and certification of products and services
Consumers’ behavior
Marketing management
Logic and methodology of scientific researches
Innovation and intellectual property protection

Sectoral disciplines
Pharmaceutical marketing
Legal and ethical standards in the industry
Preparation and defense of diploma work
Branch of knowledge – 0305 – Economics and Entrepreneurship Specialty – 8.03050701 “Marketing”
Master of marketing
Professional disciplines
Financial management
Personnel management
International management
Strategic marketing
Marketing management
Innovative commodity policy
Advertising management
Commercial activities of intermediary companies
Marketing distribution policy
Logic and methodology of scientific research
Information technology in research
Sectoral disciplines
Pharmacoeconomic basis of formulary system
Pharmaceutical marketing
Standardization and certification of pharmaceutical products
Legal and ethical standards in the industry
Labor safety in the industry
Pedagogy and psychology higher school
Civil protection
Preparation and defense of master’s work

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