Historical background

History of the department of Pharmaceutical Marketing and Management

 History of the Department of Management and Marketing in Pharmacy

Development of market economy in Ukraine since its independence led to cardinal changes in the drug provision for the population; deregulation, privatization and commercialization of pharmaceutical companies and pharmacies, business formation, formation of private sector has begun. These changes have led to new approaches to the training of pharmacy specialists, which is reflected in the concept of pharmaceutical education, curricula and educational programs. Under the influence of these changes, there was a need for new approaches to the training of pharmacy specialists and radical revision of the concept of pharmaceutical education. That’s how in 1992, the first in Ukraine and CIS countries Department of Management and Marketing in Pharmacy was established at the Ukrainian Academy of Pharmacy.

The newly created structure within the University was headed by Doctor of Pharmaceutical Sciences, professor Mnushko Zoya Mykolaivna – honored worker of science and technology of Ukraine, professor emeritus of the NUPh, member of Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, author of numerous scientific publications and educational publications, who was awarded the title “Excellent worker of Healthcare”, numerous certificates of the Ministry of Science and Education and Ministry of Health of Ukraine, Pharmaceutical Association of Ukraine, Kharkiv Regional State Administration.

Since October 2013, the Department was headed by Doctor of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Professor Volodymyr Valentynovych Malyi.


Formation of the Department has been associated with the creation of principally new disciplines, appropriate curricula and training and methodological support, formation of modern scientific research directions, retraining and qualification improvement, training of scientific personnel. Large contribution to the formation of educational and methodological, material and technical base of the Department made Professor Bryleva N.I., Doctor of Pharmaceutical Sciences Slobodianiuk N.N., Associate Professors Dikhtiareva N.M., Omelchenko N.M., Chernobrovа N.V., Musiienko N.N., Andriiv V.G., Chmykhalo N.V. Significant landmark in the work of the Department was obtaining of licenses to train specialists in specialties “Marketing”, “Business Economics” and “Management of organization” by Ukrainian Pharmaceutical Academy under the supervision of Prof. Mnushko Z.N. in 1997, which has significantly changed the content and scope of work. Deputy Dean for this area became Associate Professor of the Department Dorokhova L.P. who is still responsible for the training and methodological support in “Marketing” specialty. In 2001-2002, the department staff has done a lot of preparatory and organizational work, which was successfully completed with accreditation levels “Bachelor”, “Specialist” and “Master” in the direction and specialty “Marketing”. Training of “Bachelors in Marketing” is conducted under short-term training programme on the base of pharmaceutical and medical education.

During the period of its existence, PhMM Department passed the difficult way from formation to development: strengthened its material and technical base, largely unlocked its scientific potential and, under the influence of the rapid development of the educational institution, has reached a sufficiently high level in all areas of work, and today is a powerful structure within the National University of Pharmacy.

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