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Head of the Department of Pharmaceutical Marketing and Management:
Malyi Volodymyr Valentynovych, Pharmacy, professor.

Department of Pharmaceutical Marketing and Management is the most crucial Department in the training professionals in specialties “Pharmacy”, “Clinical Pharmacy”, in disciplines “Management and Marketing in Pharmacy”, “Ethics and Deontology in Pharmacy”.

In the course of more than 25 years of work the Department prepared and published 8 textbooks, 4 monographs, 50 study guides, more than 100 guidelines to ensure the educational process and to help improve the quality of training students. 2 hypertext electronic textbooks have been developed.

Results of scientific researches of the Department are published more 1000 papers, including 3 monographs, more 100 articles in foreign journals, finalized in two defended doctoral dissertations and 16 defended candidate’s dissertations. 53 scientific – methodical recommendations were developed and proposed for practical use. 13 methods were registered as innovations and received 9 certificates of registration of copyright in the State Department of Intellectual Property of Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine for the works.

Today, 6 doctors and 11 candidates of pharmaceutical sciences work at the Department. 3 doctoral dissertation and 4 candidate’s dissertations are prepared at the Department.

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Educational process at the Department of Pharmaceutical Marketing and Management

«Pharmacy» specialty:

  • Management and marketing in pharmacy
  • Ethics and deontology in pharmacy
  • Marketing research in pharmacy
  • Aspects behavior of consumers

* Practical training in management and marketing in pharmacy

* Production practice management and pharmacy organizations

* Training

«Clinical Pharmacy» specialty:

  • Pharmaceutical Management and Marketing
  • Ethics and deontology in pharmacy

«Laboratory diagnostics» specialty:

  • Management in laboratory medicine.Marketing in medical service

«Marketing» specialty:

  • Branding (selective)
  • Brand Management
  • Introduction to the profession (selective)
  • Innovative Development Company
  • Infrastructure product market (selective)
  • Commercial activities of intermediary companies
  • The logic and ethics of professional studies in Marketing
  • Logistics
  • Marketing industrial enterprises
  • Marketing pricing
  • Marketing
  • Marketing policy of communications
  • Marketing policy of distribution
  • Marketing commodity policy
  • Marketing audit (selective)
  • Marketing Management
  • Marketing research
  • Marketing Communications
  • Market risks (selective)
  • Management
  • Research Methodology
  • International Marketing
  • Public relations (selective)
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Advertising management
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Commodity innovation policy
  • Pharmaceutical marketing

* Production practice of marketing research

* Comprehensive research professional training focused on marketing

* Teaching practice of marketing.

* Training on marketing.

«Enterprise Economy» specialty:

  • Marketing
  • Public relations (selective)

«Management» specialty:

  • Marketing.
  • Marketing Management
  • Market Infrastructure (selective)
  • The marketing activities of the company (selective)
  • Theory sectoral markets (selective)

«Logistics» specialty:

  • Marketing policy of distribution of medicines and medical products

«Administrative Management» specialty:

Marketing management and market research (selective).

Department of Pharmaceutical Marketing and Management is the basic department in training for the specialties «Pharmacy», «Clinical Pharmacy»of the subjects «Management and Marketing in pharmacy», «Ethics and Deontology in pharmacy».

                                              SCIENTIFIC DIRECTIONS:

 Scientific and practical directions of the pharmaceutical market development based on the theory of management and marketing in the following areas:

  • theoretical, scientific and applied principles of marketing management in the system of drug provision of the population;
  • risk management in the pharmaceutical market, including dietary supplements on the market;
  • improve strategic and adaptive management of pharmaceutical companies;
  • scientific and methodological grounds stakeholder model of relations in pharmacy;
  • justification of individual treatment approaches using pharmacological and genetic  tests in Ukraine;
  • capacity building methodology of the pharmaceutical market by the example of certain pharmacological groups;
  • individual optimization of medicinal maintenance of patients based marketing and pharmacoeconomic research;
  • scientific and methodological justification marketing availability of drugs;
  • scientific and methodological grounds socially oriented assortment policy pharmaceutical production enterprises;
  • optimization of industrial and commercial activities of pharmaceutical companies on the basis of marketing and logistics management;
  • research complex of marketing communications in pharmacy, improving the promotion of medicines by pharmaceutical companies;
  • studying and modeling the behavior of consumers of drugs;
  • management of State (tender) procurement of medical and pharmaceutical products;
  • methodological approaches to the study drug provision of the population in the implementation of family medicine;
  • scientific and practical developments assess qualitative and quantitative indicators of brand drugs;
  • improving market competitiveness compounds pharmaceutical company;
  • neuromarketing in pharmacy;
  • scientific and practical developments branding impact on the consumption of drugs;
  • branding research in pharmaceuticals;
  • assessment and management of loyalty to the brand drugs;
  • scientific and practical substantiation assessment loyalty to the institution and pharmaceutical drugs.
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