Directions Career Guidance

Directions Career Guidance
Department of Pharmaceutical Marketing and Management
in the 2021-2022 academic year


Types of jobs Period of execution
1 Cooperation with schools:
• Physics and Mathematics (Kharkiv, Poltava, Sumy regions);
• in-depth study of chemistry and biology;
• work with the secondary school.
Conducting information and propaganda work among secondary school students in grades 9-11:

  • to provide information and promotional materials, meetings with students and their parents during parent-teacher meetings;
  • demonstration video of pharmacy;
  • lighting employment prospects after the pharmacy;
  • conclusion (renewal) contracts on creative cooperation with pharmacy secondary school.
 September -October


2 Conducting tours of pharmacy (visit to the museum of history of pharmacy and get acquainted with the Department PhMM) and lectures with multimedia support among students in grades 9-11 schools enshrined in the pulpit During the year
3 Participation in events:
• scientific picnics;
• regional Olympiads in mathematics;
• social projects;
• annual scientific and educational exhibition, dedicated to the World Day of Science;
• Fair specialties;
• open days and tours of the NUPh and other departments.
according to the schedule,
during the year
4 Conducting outreach activities:
• Kiev medical College named after P.I. Gavrosya;
• Kiev Medical College №3;
• Khmelnytsky Medical College;
• Shepetivsky medical school;
• Kamenetz-Podolsk Medical School;
• Economic College Kharkiv, Poltava, Sumy regions



5 Cooperation with pharmaceutical companies (“Kyiv Vitamin Plant”, “Fitolik”,”Pharm. company “Health” and others.) in order to obtain a second higher economic education  

During the year

6 Information about NUPh, and specialty “Marketing”:
• in the media;
• on the web-site of Ukrainian public organization “Ukrainian Association of Marketing”;
• advertising in the subway;
• the website of the Department PhMM

during the year

7 Working with the graduates of full-time and correspondence forms of training specialties “Pharmacy”, “Clinical Pharmacy”, “Technology of perfumery and cosmetics”, “Laboratory diagnosis” in order to obtain a second higher economic education  



8 Preparation and printing of information on the specialty “Marketing”. Duplication – 4000-5000 copies. During the year
9 Notice of NUPh and specialty “Marketing” at conferences, seminars, trainings During the year
10 Advocacy of the specialty “Marketing” among the applicants according to the schedule of the department at the time of the selection committee NUPh June
11 Timely provision of information on the results of the Career Guidance Department of the selection committee for further analytical processing During the year


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