PartnersThe international activity of the department is an integral part in the training of highly qualified specialists who are fluent in domestic and foreign technologies, well acquainted with world practice, with a broad outlook, competitive in the world labor market. Therefore, the Department of Pharmaceutical Management and Marketing aims to actively enter the world educational and scientific space and considers international cooperation as one of the priority areas. The main task of the staff of the department is to strengthen and expand international cooperation with foreign universities, research centers, specialized companies. The main areas of international activity are: participation of faculty in international seminars, conferences, symposia, international scientific events; exchange of teachers for lectures, seminars; conducting joint research; organization of international conferences, joint publications in scientific journals and collections of papers.

PartnersThe international activity of our department is based on the following principles :

  • preservation of national sovereignty in the field of education and its national diversity; openness to international cooperation and partnership; openness of international standards and best practices in the organization of scientific and educational activities in Ukraine and abroad; participation of the entire university community in international activities; the most effective use of available and attraction of additional resources in realization of priority directions of the international cooperation; multiculturalism, multilingualism, interfaith tolerance as a basis for international cooperation.
International School of Management at the University of Applied Sciences
Tashkent Pharmaceutical Institute
Istanbul Technical University

The department has international relations with universities, research institutes both near and far abroad. In recent years, scientists of the department have participated in a large number of scientific and practical activities

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