Training of scientific personnel


Doctor of Pharmacy Thesis Defense in 2019

Olkhovska A.B. “Theoretical and scientific-applied principles of improving marketing communications in the system of promotion of medicines in Ukraine” (scientific consultant – Prof. Malyi V.V.).

PhD Thesis Defense

Tkachenko I.V. “Scientific and practical substantiation of the components of the effectiveness of the application of relationship marketing in the pharmacy network” (supervisor – prof. Piven O.P.).

Musa Istanis Marvek Medhat “Scientific and practical approaches to the formation of the market potential of hepatotropic drugs” (supervisor – prof. Malyi V.V.).

 Dissertations are being performed

Kobets M.M. “Theoretical and methodological substantiation of a set of epidemiological, pharmacogenetic and pharmacoeconomic approaches to drug prescriptions (on the example of drugs)” (scientific consultant – prof. Filiptsova O.V.).

Samborsky O.S. “Theoretical and scientific-practical substantiation of socially oriented assortment policy in pharmacy” (scientific consultant – prof. Slobodyanyuk M.M.).

Gerush O.V. “Study of the hepatotropic action of new drugs of plant origin” (scientific consultant – prof. Yakovleva L.V.).

PhD dissertations

Stefaniv I.V. “Pharmacological study of a new herbal preparation for the treatment of gingivitis and periodontitis” (supervisor – prof. Yakovleva L.V.).

Baglay T.O. “The problem of rational use of antimicrobial drugs of systemic action in Ukraine” (supervisor – prof. Yakovleva L.V.).

Shulyak L.M. “Pharmacoepidemiological and pharmacoeconomic study of the use of hypolipidemic drugs of the statin group” (supervisor – prof. Yakovleva L.V.).

Berdnik O.G. “Study of antidiabetic properties of a new drug composition (experimental study)” (supervisor – prof. Tsubanova N.A.).

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